Living Intrepid

A little story


Hi! I am Valerie,

A Dutch native, but with some roots in Austria, Indonesia & Suriname. Lover of nature, adventure, music, good food and conversations! With a background in Environmental Sciences and Psychology, I now live a nomadic lifestyle, write about sustainable travel and share the stories of the remarkable people I meet on my travels. I love what I do as a travel writer because I get to explore the world and ask people: what do you love?

My travel motto
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to live a life of exploration. This has taken me on adventures around the globe to some extraordinary places, and has given me the privilege to meet many kind strangers and hear some of their stories. I always try to meet local people while traveling, to me this is what makes a strange place feel like a home. I also believe it is the only way to really get to know a country: because what is country if not its people? There is not much that makes me more enthusiastic than hearing a story from a stranger that allows me to get a glimpse of their homeland through their eyes. 

At the same time, I have seen the harmful effects of anthropogenic practices on both nature and local communities. It is why I am deeply passionate about sustainability and nature conservation. To combine this with my love for travel, I had to find a way that allowed me to both travel ánd live sustainably. Two things that, contrary to popular belief, can actually be combined quite well! 

This combination of passions that lives in me is how Living Intrepid came to be: a fusion of adventure, human connection and sustainable travel. With this blog I want to show people how to have amazing travel experiences, have memorable adventures and to get to know the local perspective, all while simultaneously taking care of the planet. In the storybook you can find the interviews I have had with locals about their life and experiences in their country. Here, you can also read about my own, sometimes ridiculous, travel anecdotes and the travel experiences I have had that left a special memory.